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November 4, 2017

FREE Air + Drinks + Cabin Upgrade Sail With Us on the Douro River: Spain and Portugal.

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Sail With Us on the Douro River: Spain and Portugal.
For a Trio of Perks: FREE Air + Drinks + Cabin Upgrade
We want to spread the happy by offering FREE airfare, premium drinks and a cabin upgrade on 2018 Secrets of the Douro itineraries. Act now; this exclusive offer expires Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Secrets of the Douro: 8 DAY PORTO
Sail the “River of Gold” and enjoy stops in Portugal ranging from the World Heritage city of Porto to the Roman settlement of Regua and in Spain – Vega de Terron and Salamanca. Highlights include : the village of Lamego; pre-historic carvings showcased in the Coa Valley Museum and a day trip to Spain’s Roman city of Salamanca.
From $2,795 per person.



May 3, 2017

Why #Granada, #Spain, Is a Rising Star! #FriendsTravel #JessKalinowsky

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When it comes to cultural fusion, it’s tough to top Granada, Spain. The city is a cross section of time and history that dates back more than 1,000 years. Today it is a thriving center of culture, history, architecture, food and wine as well as a must-visit destination in Spain.

What strikes travelers most about Granada is its undeniable Moorish soul. In fact, it was the last city to be taken back by Catholics in 1492. Everything in the city — from the food, city planning and design — has been influenced by the Moors, and Albaycin, the city’s old town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Travelers also flock to Granada for its main tourist attraction: the Alhambra, a centuries-old castle known for its intricate detail and grandeur. The Alhambra was a palace and fortress for the Nasrid sultans in the 13th and 14th centuries, before becoming the permanent residence for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. But the Alhambra is just one link in what makes Granada a rising destination in Spain.

“One of my favorite activities to recommend in Granada is a walking tour through Albaycin and Sacromonte,” said Daniela Harrison, a travel consultant for Avenues of the World Travel. “The history, architecture and landscape make a visit to Albaycin a must-do. Sacromonte was the original gypsy settlement in the region, where you can find some of the best flamenco performances today. Both are beautiful; offer great history and architecture; and lend themselves to amazing photography.”

Food and Wine
For the past few years, local winemakers have been working to make Granada one of the premier winegrowing regions in Spain. With the adoption of new winemaking techniques and the recovery of native varieties of grapes such as the Vigiriega grape, wines in Granada are rising in popularity. In fact, Granada achieved DOP status (Protected Denomination of Origin) in 2009. This label is given to wines that follow certain standards of production, aging and bottling.

“Wine tourism around Granada is not to be overlooked,” said Katrin Naelapaa, director of Wines From Spain, a trade group. “The temperate climate makes winery visits enjoyable year-round, and wineries are producing unique wines. In a city such as Granada, wine is woven into the roots of the city and has been a form of storytelling for centuries.”
There are more than 60 wine producers in the province farming about 21 square miles of vines. Some wineries to note are Bodega Antonio Vilchez Valenzuela, Bodega Cuatro Vientos and Bodega Barranco Oscuro.
Granada is popular for its large number of bars, cellars, restaurants and tea shops, and the cuisine here has a distinctive touch. Its best-selling food items tend to be seafood, fresh tropical fruit and produce.

Consider exploring restaurants around Granada Cathedral, such as in the Plaza del Campillo, for typical dishes including migas (fried breadcrumbs with meat and peppers), gazpacho (soup served cold), Spanish omelets and Trevelez ham and asparagus. Desserts are also widely popular in Granada, and many are made in monasteries or convents such as San Anton, Zafra, Las Tomasas and La Encarnacion, where they sell products made by cloistered nuns.
“For dining, there are plenty of amazing choices, from traditional restaurants to tapas bars,” Harrison said. “I always recommend a tea house, which brings a bit of Arabic flavor into your daily explorations.”

Modern Attractions
While the bulk of Granada’s charm and allure comes from its history, the city very much lives in the modern world.
Be sure to explore Granada Science Park Museum, a roughly 750,000-square-foot interactive museum that breaks down environmental phenomena such as inertia, gravity and Archimedes’ principle (physical law of buoyancy). There are seven permanent exhibition halls, as well as a digital planetarium, a cultural gallery, a library, movie theaters, an auditorium and more that fuse together and highlight Andalusian culture, architecture, literature and the sciences. There is also an outdoor museum with an observation tower, botanical gardens, a butterfly house and a maze.
Outdoor Activities
Outside the city of Granada is Sierra Nevada National Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in the 1980s. It sits at the southeast of Granada and extends to the edge of Almeria, Spain, home to the highest peaks in Spain. Fifteen of its peaks reach more than 9,000 feet. The park also has several mineral hot springs.
“Due to its location, Granada allows for easy access to some beautiful beaches as well as the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada — which means if you visit in the springtime, you can ski the mountains and swim in the ocean on the same day,” Harrison said. “Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Resort, the most southern ski resort community in Europe, is just 20 miles from the city center. The ski resort offers 65 miles of runs for all ski levels, as well as a cross-country circuit, a Snow Park and a recreational area for nonskiers.”

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March 24, 2017

#Mediterranean Cultural and Culinary Traditions along the Pueblos Blancos #JessKalinowsky

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#Mediterranean #Cultural and  #Culinary Traditions along the #Pueblos #Blancos

Witness how locally grown and sustainable products are transformed into a cultural tango of meats, wine and fresh produce. The inland Pueblos Blancos (white towns) provide a sunny taste of #Spain in the community of #Andalusia and Province of #Málaga. The culinary traditions of southern Spain are as diverse as its landscape, from fantastic #fish and #seafood on the coast to delicious #sausages, #stews and #game dishes inland. Eating is a way of life in Spain, and the Pueblos Blancos are literally food obsessed. Meal times are relaxed, social occasions, allowing plenty of time for experiencing the fantastic flavors of the Mediterranean. Spain is famous for its #Rioja wine, a full-bodied red wine served slightly chilled. Southern Spain is also famous for its sherries, the most famous being #Jerez from #Andalusia. Your culinary vacation package includes round-trip airport transfers from the Malaga airport, welcome reception, accommodations with private bath, delicious meals served with house wine, foodie tours, hands-on cooking classes, wine and olive oil tastings and market shopping with your host chef. Some meals will be at the hotel or local restaurants, while others may accompany your cooking classes.  Each trip impeccably planned to meet your wants, needs, desires and expectations.


August 1, 2016

#BarcelonaSpain #JessKalinowsky

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Barcelona is the most cosmopolitan and economically active city in Spain, and has always managed to stay ahead or abreast of the latest international trends. This is evident in the architecture, which so accurately reflects the zest for life of this city of vivid colors and boundless energy.

Barcelona is stretched out on a plain next to the Mediterranean sea in the very north of the Spanish coast, bordering France, between the rivers Llobregat and Besos and between two mountains, Collserola and Montjuïc.The result is scenic beauty beyond measure.

Barcelona is steeped in history, as witnessed by the grandeur of its architectural treasures from the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance periods. During the last century, Antoní Gaudí, led his contemporaries in adding new and exciting strokes to the pallatte as Modernist themes were blended with those of the past. Modernism is characterized by the predominance of curves over straight lines, the richness and detail of decoration, the frequent use of floral motifs, the taste for asymmetry, the use of a refined aestheticism and the dynamism of forms. Checking this list against any building designed or built by Gaudí will have the viewer nodding vigorously in agreement!

Barcelona is a progressive, commercially sophisticated, upper middle class European city, while at the same time being traditionalist and typically Mediterranean. This dichotomy between tradition and progress is a characteristic of the city and of its nearly two million inhabitants. In preparation for the 1992 Olympics 250 acres were cleared along the commercial waterfront, and a total transformation took place. The result was a spectacular five mile long beach and promenade that are now enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. As usual, this ultimate designer city, again reinvented itself.

Wherever you stay in Barcelona, the excellent public transportation system gives easy access to the entire city. A visitor might choose to stay in the old town near the bustling boulevard known as La Rambla within walking distance of centuries old, architecturally splendid buildings. Another choice would be the spacious Eixample district with its wealth of shopping opportunities and fine restaurants. Whatever the choice, Barcelonians will be delighted to have you sharing the beauty of their city.

English is not widely spoken and all signs are in Catalan and also in Spanish. However, there are many guided tours of the city and its sights that are available with English speaking guides. Barcelona has over 50 museums and galleries, many parks and a wide selection of waterfront noteworthy attractions. Modern art lovers shouldn’t miss the Contemporary Art Museum and the Modern Art Museum. Barcelona hosts some of the world’s greatest classical musicians including Montserrat Caballé and José Carreras. Many contemporary theater and dance companies perform year round. Modern music fans will enjoy the rock, jazz and salsa clubs. The tradition of dance halls also lives on in Barcelona.

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty of action in Barcelona. Sea fishing, hiking, water sports golf and cycling are some of the favorite forms of recreation. Soccer is the national sport and is almost elevated to a religion in Barcelona. Basketball, hockey and handball are also popular team sports that fill the local arenas.

Catalonia is a society, with deep-rooted relationships, in which great importance is given to the family. Children are loved and welcomed. When traveling with children, visitors may prefer a slower pace. One way to spend a relaxing and refreshing family day is to visit The Parc de la Ciutadella which is located near the Old Town and the waterfront. It has shade trees, acres of lawn, a boating lake and Spain’s best zoo with over 7,000 animals. Beautiful beaches are within easy reach, and Barcelona also has many fine swimming pools. The weather is mild and sunny most of the year. Gaudí’s fairy tale-like buildings, the 200 foot statue of Christopher Columbus pointing out to sea, much of what makes Barcelona so appealing to adults is also inherently appealing to children.

In the shopping districts, the windows display the latest fashions for the very slim, but extravagently delicious culinary delights are everywhere. Hundreds of restaurants and cafés in every price range are conveniently located in all parts of the city and surrounding area. Crafts, antiques, ceramics, art objects, fashions, books: there is no limit to the wide array of offerings at the shops, markets, and stalls throughout the city.

Festivals and carnivals brighten every season. There is always something to celebrate in Barcelona from the grape harvest in the Fall to the Feast of Santa Eulalia in the winter and the marvelous Terrassa Jazz Festival in the Spring, followed by the summer arts festival and many more.
There is no question that Barcelona seems to have discovered the secret to eternal youth!

#BarcelonaSpain #JessKalinowsky

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Spain Barcelona Med Coast

Friends Travel Bus Card Front 4Aprl14Spain

September 30, 2015

‪#‎Spain‬ Panorama #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa #JessKalinowsky

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#‎Spain‬ Panorama Small Group Journey from $1285.
Experience Classic Spain
Small Group Journey 2016. <Individual Travel Available too!!!>
Begin your exploration of central and southern Spain with an extensive tour of ‪#‎Madrid‬. Step back in time walking through historic ‪#‎Toledo‬. Admire the exquisite ‪#‎Alhambra‬ Palace in ‪#‎Granada‬, sample local tapas in ‪#‎Seville‬and marvel at the architectural wonders of ‪#‎Cordoba‬.
7 Days/6 Nights from $1,285 a person
Save $200 per Couple Early Bird Special

SMALL GROUP JOURNEY – Guaranteed departures English only tour with max. 18 participants. Scheduled departures – 8 days/6 nights escorted tour visiting Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Granada and Toledo. Includes accommodation at first class hotels with breakfast daily, 3 dinners, an arrival transfer and sightseeing.

Daily Itinerary
Day 1 : USA – Madrid
Enjoy a relaxing overnight flight to Madrid.

Day 2 : Arrival in Madrid
Upon arrival, you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Meet your tour escort for a welcome sangria drink and tour briefing. (Night supplements will be charged for early morning/late evening transfers.)

First Class : Courtyard Madrid Princesa
Day 3 : Madrid Tour and Royal Palace
In the morning enjoy an extensive panoramic city tour. Visit the main avenues of Alcala Street, Puerta del Sol, and Plaza de Espana. See the Teatro Real (Opera House), the Parliament and the fountains of Cibeles and Neptuno along Castellana Avenue. Visit the Royal Palace (inside) with the remainder of the day at leisure for additional sites, shopping, wonderful restaurants, and shows. (B)

First Class : Courtyard Madrid Princesa
Day 4 : Madrid – Cordoba – Seville
Depart in the morning through the La Mancha region to Cordoba in Andalusia. You will explore Cordoba’s architectural wonders during your guided tour of the city. You will visit its beautiful mosque and walk around the Jewish Quarter with its narrow streets and Andalusian patios. Continue to Seville for dinner and overnight. (B,D)

First Class : Melia Sevilla
Day 5 : Seville, Heart of Andalusia
Embark on a guided tour of Seville including the Gothic Cathedral, the Giralda Tower, and the Santa Cruz Quarter, a maze of small alleys and squares. Tonight enjoy a delicious dinner included in your program and sample the local tapas and wine. (B,D)

First Class : Melia Sevilla
Day 6 : Seville – Granada
Drive through the heart of Andalusia through an endless number of olive trees. Enjoy a tour of Granada and visit the Alhambra Palace with its numerous halls and patios. You will continue to the beautiful Generalife Gardens. After dinner we recommend an optional Gipsy flamenco show in the Sacromonte quarter. (B,D)

First Class : Carmen
Day 7 : Granada – Toledo – Madrid
Depart in the morning for Toledo, the first capital of Spain. This city is a treasure trove of history where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in harmony for over two centuries. Enjoy a walking tour of this historical city including a visit to St. Tome Church, where the famous masterpiece “Burial of Count Orgaz” by El Greco is displayed. Continue to Madrid in the afternoon. (B)

First Class : Courtyard Madrid Princesa
Day 8 : Madrid – Return
After breakfast make your own way to the airport for your return flight home. (B)

Features Included
Price Includes
Transfers as mentioned in the itinerary
Local taxes and service charges
Hotels mentioned in the itinerary
International round-trip airfare if Key Tours issues the tickets
Meals as indicated in the itinerary by the code letters (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner
Sightseeing as described in the itinerary
Airport taxes
ASTA TOP Tour operator travel funds protection program
Price Excludes
Personal expenses
Optional tours
Customary tips to your drivers, guides and escorts
Transfers not mentioned in the itinerary
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December 17, 2014

‪#‎SpainVacationsFriendsTravel‬ ‪#‎FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa‬ #JessKalinowsky

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‪#‎SpainVacationsFriendsTravel‬ ‪#‎FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa‬ Since ’85
Spain beyond your expectations
Discover Spain your way
Hola. Let us introduce ourselves: We are ‪#‎FriendsTravel‬ agency located in West Hollywood / Los Angeles, specialized in high level customized trips. The perfect choice for demanding travelers who want to know Spain their own way.

Unforgettable memories

All tourists are alike, but each traveler is unique. Nothing better than a local expert, an inside partner aware of your needs and tastes, who know the people, places and the most special events in the country. The key for you to build unforgettable memories.

Your friends in Spain

Whatever Spain you want to discover, we have them all. Unique, relaxing, amazing, exclusive experiences. It is our country and our great specialty. Here you will always feel as a welcome traveler.

Because a friend is a friend. #FriendsTravel

A day for lifetime memory

Probably there are things that you wanted to do for years. Today is your big day. Drive a fantastic Ferrari. Combine wine and opera. Cook hand in hand with a famous chef. Look into the eyes of a fighting bull at large. Everything is easy. Anything is possible.

If you feel like dreaming, it is your time.

La Grande Bouffe: Show cooking and tasting with 3 outstanding chefs
Ferrari driving experience at formula I circuit
Opera & Wine: Wine tasting with opera arias
Cook & taste: Visit singular markets (Boqueria and Santa Caterina) with a great chef, with cooking masterclass and tasting (Barcelona)
Tapas workshop: Showcooking and tasting
Secrets of paella: Cooking famous Spanish dishes
Surrounded by bulls: Behold fighting bulls at large
The city painted murals of Vitoria
Gorbea original version: The villages of the Basque Country and its people
Jai Alai Gernika: Cesta punta (basque traditional sport) in a legendary stage
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Spain girasols Sunflowers Spaln Flamengo bailaora

May 31, 2013

#SpainVacations #FriendsTravel JESS Kalinowsky JESS!

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Spain 24/7/365 24/7/365



We have been to almost every square inch.  We deal with the very best local operators.

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March 24, 2011

Spain Non Stop from LAX and MIA JESS Kalinowsky

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Starting in March Iberia will operate two new flights from Los Angeles and Miami giving your clients more ways to visit our Gran Melia and ME by Melia hotels in those destinations.
A distinctive luxury hotel, situated along the Paseo de la Castellana and centrally located to the main business artery and cultural venues of Madrid.
Situated in the heart of the Spanish capital the historical Grand Hotel Reina Victoria is reborn as the ME Madrid.
Impressive architecture that staircases the sky designed by Dominique Perrault. ME Barcelona
is situated in the new and trendy area of the
Barrio Poble Nou.
For more information contact 24/7/365
*LAX-MAD Friday departure only available July – September. ∆Room rate based on first category, double occupancy and is subject to availability at time of reservation.

Reservations: 24/7/365

Discounted First Class, Business Class, and Coach Airfares Worldwide!

Spanish RailPasses

EurailPasses 24/7/365


January 16, 2011

Spain and Portugal Tours JESS Kalinowsky Friends Travel LLP

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Browse Tours, pick some and EMAIL

Tour packages to: Spain & Portugal

Tour Name Tour Length Tour Pace Tour Type Starting Price
Portugal, Spain & Morocco

Portugal, Spain & Morocco

4.9/5 Read all (11) reviews.

Visit gothic churches, moorish palaces and gardens befitting royalty.

Dates & Prices
16 Challenging $3,079 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]
Grand Tour of Spain

Grand Tour of Spain

4.6/5 Read all (76) reviews.

Feel the festive spirit of Spain from the popular cities of Madrid and Barcelona to the stunning scenery and culture of Seville and Costa del Sol.

Dates & Prices
14 Active $2,549 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]
Barcelona & Northern Spain

Barcelona & Northern Spain

4.5/5 Read all (15) reviews.

Discover the personality and charm of Barcelona and Spain’s Basque Country.

Dates & Prices
13 Challenging $2,599 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]
Lourdes, Fátima & The Way of St. James

Lourdes, Fátima & The Way of St. James

4.6/5 Read all (3) reviews.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Way of St. James is one of the oldest and most traveled pilgrimage routes in the world.

Dates & Prices
11 Active Religious Heritage Tours $2,449 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]
Lisbon, Seville & Madrid

Lisbon, Seville & Madrid

4.5/5 Read all (24) reviews.

Iberian culture comes alive on this scenic tour of Portugal and Spain.

Dates & Prices
11 Comfortable $2,099 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]
Seville, Madrid & Barcelona

Seville, Madrid & Barcelona

4.2/5 Read all (9) reviews.

Discover the culture, cuisine and art of three remarkable Spanish cities on an unforgettable 9-day trip that will encourage vibrant daydreams of calling Spain your second home.

Dates & Prices
10 Comfortable $2,199 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]
Lisbon City Stay

Lisbon City Stay

From its succulent cuisine to evenings of fado music, the Portuguese capital will delight you with its charm.

Dates & Prices
6 Leisurely City Stays $1,039 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]

You may also like…

Tour Name Tour Length Tour Pace Tour Type Starting Price
Discover Brazil & Argentina

Discover Brazil & Argentina

3.0/5 Read all (4) reviews.

Though they share a border—and a waterfall—Brazil and Argentina could not be more different. Come discover two countries that are the embodiment of all things sensuous and elegant.

Dates & Prices
11 Active $2,899 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]
Northern Italy & the Italian Riviera

Northern Italy & the Italian Riviera

4.3/5 Read all (14) reviews.

Discover a region of Alpine views, preserved medieval towns and the luxury of the Italian Riviera.

Dates & Prices
12 Comfortable $3,199 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]
Paris, Normandy & the Loire Valley

Paris, Normandy & the Loire Valley

4.8/5 Read all (12) reviews.

From the beauty of the City of Lights to somber reminders of World War II, retrace a few chapters in France’s captivating history.

Dates & Prices
12 Active $2,499 USD
plus [government taxes and fees]

December 22, 2010

Valencia dates back 2,000 years JESS Kalinowsky Friends Travel LLP

The Region of Valencia dates back 2,000 years.

Valencia was founded by the Romans in 138 B.C. as a retirement paradise for former Legionnaires. Ever since, it has become a favorite haven for sun-worshippers from all over the continent. Today the region is known for its year-round near perfect climate, some of Spain’s finest white sand beaches like in Benidorm, Alicante and Denia, castles, exciting outdoor activities, including mountains, caves and wild-life sanctuaries such as La Albufera, a vivacious nightlife, spectacular fiestas like the famed Las Fallas, artistic ceramics like the famed Lladro, great traditional and avant-garde cuisine and a phenomenal, futuristic architecture.

Actually, archeologists have traced its history back to 100,000 B.C. In every corner of this picturesque region, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a rich past. You’ll be able to explore Greek, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Jewish and Moorish history, often right in the same location. Take the town of Sagunto, for example, where you’ll find one of the best preserved Roman theaters in Europe. It’s hard to believe that this sleepy little town was one of the most important cities in Iberia. This was before Hannibal, after an eight month siege laid it to waste. Now it has become one of Valencia’s great places to see.

After the Romans were driven from its shores, the region was conquered by the Moors. Then it was briefly re-conquered by El Cid in 1096, and recaptured by the Moors again. In 1238 it was finally captured by King Jaime I, known as James the Conqueror, and absorbed into the kingdom of Aragon. Valencia’s golden age reached its height during the 15th and 16th centuries, when it became the most important trading center in the western Mediterranean.

The moment you pass through Valencia’s Torres de Serranos, the magnificent medieval gateway, you’ll find yourself in one of the most modern, innovative cities in the world. At the same time, it’s one of Spain’s oldest historic cities. Everywhere you look, you’ll see a seamless blending of the Medieval into a brave, new, future world.

An example of this is the Cathedral of Valencia. In this one unique building, originally built in 1262, you’ll find distinct examples of Spain’s three great architectural styles in its three portals. The oldest is the Romanesque Puerta del Palau, the main entrance. The Puerta de los Hierros is Baroque. And the Gothic Puerta de los Apostoles. From the grotesque gargoyles of La Lonja, the exquisite Gothic Silk Exchange, to the fluid avant-garde architecture of Valencia’s own genius, Santiago Calatrava.

You’ll discover a range of styles that can only be found in the city which has become known as The First City of the New Millennium.

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